Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penn State and Paterno

This Penn State fiasco has got me thinking ... this story is everything wrong with what people feel about sexual abuse and how little people know about it.
Sexual abuse is very very real and happens at staggering statistics (I won't bore you) it is Classless and Raceless and usually happens by trusted adults not strangers. 3% of sexual abuse outcries are false...(Ok ill bore you a little bit) Do you realize how low that is?... Still no one wants to believe a child when they complain of sexual abuse! Why? Because it disgusting that's why! and I can think of nothing more horrific. People don't want to believe that an adult would want to have sex with a child but... have you ever heard of Thailand? Yeah me too.. or sex trafficking? Hellooo my neighbor was sex trafficked! and I live in the NYC, not some 3rd world country.
These crimes against children are very real, are happening everyday and every where, including Penn State. They are happening by Coach Sandusky who everyone loved and trusted. He took advantage of young boys and when he was "caught" his "friends" told their superiors but not the Police? Come on, are you F'ing kidding me? Now even if the Head Coach, Paterno, didn't actually see the acts enough people did, and when Paterno became aware of the allegations he still did nothing. Why not? Why didn't Sandusky's colleagues notify the Police and why did some even lie to the Grand Jury? Did they not believe the allegations or did they not want to get involved or are they just stupid? or all of the above?
If you know that a child is being sexually or physically abused do something to help that kid, you can call child services anonymously you know. But please don't sit ideally by and then years later when the whole world finds out say "oh I wish I did more". Come on.... children need protection period and sometimes they need protection from people that are supposed to be protecting them and if you recognize that then you have a obligation to do something! Why because I said so..if you know something is wrong do something NOW not when it's too late ...
Now I'm sure Paterno is a really nice guy and he won alot football games and all that but he had a responsibility and he failed and NOW has regret... so I ask you what would you rather be known for winning football games or getting a predator off the streets?
I thought so.
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