Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I don't live in Haterville

So recently I have realized that a lot of people live in Haterville. If you don't know where Haterville is, its a little town near Jealousy and Misery. Its a place where if you are not happy about something (usually yourself) or can never see the good or positive in life you spew your negativity on others. I don't live there and I don't want to.  
In the last few weeks I have had comments made to me that take me back but I always meet with a smile :). I have a sharp tongue and a mouth on me like you wouldn't believe, thankfully after many many years of shooting off said mouth, I have learned when and where to use it.  The playground where your trying to meet new mommy friends isn't a good place to use it. 
So the first incident I was chatting with a mom who is nice (I thought) and I am friendly with when I commented "Oh I can not go to that party because Fashi has French school on Saturday mornings" her response was not "Oh great for her" or 'too bad she would have had fun at the party". It was ... "Oh well excuse me!" and I think she cocked her head and hip? I was like WTF then I did some thing stupid... I smiled because I was in shock but I tried to justify why Fashi was going to French school by saying... "well her Grandmother and Father speak to her in French and and and ...WHY was I justifying to this Hater my business?
and just last week I said to another Mom that I was making a Carrot Souffle for the Thanksgiving Party at School today. This Haters response was not "Yummy" or "Ive never had that" it was "Oh Fancy Smancy" and again with the head cock!  stupidly with a big smile I tried to justify my choices and said "its super easy and taste like a dessert the kids will love it!" ~ as an aside google it and make it, its delicious~
Why does everyone live in Haterville? Why cant we be happy for each other and the choices that other people make that are different from theirs? especially other Mothers?  and why do I try to give an excuse for my choices? So I decided that I am not justifying my actions to anyone any more. I can say what I want without moving to Haterville too.
So at the Dr this weekend~ I had strep throat ouch~ I had my chance, the Dr Hater says "nice bag, a Louis Vuitton, you like labels?" I was like HUH?  So my nice calm response accompanied with a big fat smile was "Yes I work very hard for the things that I have". 
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