Monday, October 31, 2011

Rules and Running Amok

Friday night was the annual Halloween Bash at school. There were approximate 120 Children aged 4 to 8 in attendance and only about 10 parents paying attention to their children!  Why when parents attend a school event they do not "supervise" their children or is it that these parents never supervise their children?  I haven't figured it out yet.

There were a variety of rules broken that night most of them general and known to all:  no running, no hitting and be kind to your neighbor.  I think one of the most important rules the school had for the party was no weapons.  But as soon as the doors opened I spot "Officer McNulty" chasing other Ghost and Goblins around the auditorium with his GUN!  There were a variety of other weapons on hand but all night I saw McNulty and his orange gun running amok.  I must have broken up 3 wrestling matches that night and forget the 3rd grade boys running and sliding into the exit doors like it was home plate!!  Since I was "working " at the party I felt the need to maintain some order.  At one point I spotted from across the room our poor blow up skeleton getting beaten on but a group of kids... and where were their parents? How can people let their children get so out of hand? Yes it was a party and we want the children to have fun but there we plenty of games and activities to keep these kids occupied.  Are parents afraid to discipline their kids or afraid of being embarrassed if a full fledged meltdown ensues? I'm not sure, but I would take the latter any day! I try very hard to keep my kids in check. To me it is about respect, respect for themselves, respect for me as a parent and when at school; respect to their school and teachers.

 After I ushered a group of 2nd grade girls off the stage and away from the DJ there was a lonely 2 year old Dinosaur climbing up the stairs to the stage.  I tried to coax the kid down but he wasn't having it! Since I didn't know whose child he was I didn't want to pick him up, so I loudly asked "where is your mother?" I even asked a few people close to the stage "is this your kid?"  No one knew who the Dinosaur belonged to so I made a decision: hes not my kid and its not my problem.  I walked away.  Why do I feel the need to police these kids? and attempt to keep them in control if their own parents cannot?  

I saw the Dinosaur a few more times that night once he was rummaging through the arts and crafts box unattended and I said "please don't touch that" this time his father heard me and walked over to get him.  He had a deer and headlights look about him.  The Dinosaur and I met again when he was reaching up to stick his dirty little finger in the chocolate frosting of a cupcake, this time I gave his father the "death stare" while I was smiling and he quickly took the cupcake.  Here, I finally got a look at his Mum she was the one who I saw taking dessert, despite the fact there was a GIANT sign that said PLEASE DO NOT OPEN YET and I realized if the parents can't follow the rules how can I expect their children too? 
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