Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fashi found her voice!

Fashi found her voice... today as a matter of fact. It was in the parking lot of a Shopping Center in the Burbs! imagine that? Right after we left a Birthday party where fun was had by all.
She asked me for the 17th time if she could have the same toy that Captain Jack had and I said no... there is often a balancing act when you have more than one child. Fashi "won" a toy at the party so I used all the video game coupons to "buy" Captain Jack a little teeny tiny toy, and of course Fashi wanted the same thing. She didn't like that I said no, so she did what every reasonable child does when they want something she screamed.
She didnt just scream, she SCREAMED at ME and I think there was some feet stomping too.
I did not hear what she said because I was so dumbfounded... she has never yelled at me before, of course she has yelled, just not AT ME! As I escorted her to the car she continued to yell, this time I heard her, she screamed "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" three times, at least. Oh and did I mention there was a group of people with us? good times
We had a long talk in the car, basically it went a little something like this "don't you ever, ever, ever...."
Now that she has found her voice I just hope she can use it when she is being picked on, just maybe leave out the stomping...

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